Hive Approved: Witt Lowry


Back in the spring of 2011, Mark Richard, Jr. made a life changing decision; instead of pursuing a career in graphic design, he took his creativity into music. It was at that time that his alter ego, Witty, was born.

Now going by Witt Lowry, he is known for working on a song until he believes it is perfect, much preferring to create quality masterpieces over mediocre  ‘freestyles’ over beats he hears on the radio. This dedication to perfection is the reason he has seen such a large amount of growth and testament to why his fans stand strongly behind his music.

Yet, we know there is even more room for this talented hip hop artist to be heard and was why we added his music to the Hivesphere for more music fans to discover. His most recent single “Numb” is quickly gaining plays via Soundcloud and Spotify, plus hit #1 on Hive week 15 playlist. Stay tuned for more from this artist and discover more of his music on Hive.

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