Top Artists on Hive // 13

Hey Hive listeners!! Hope you’re ready because this weeks playlist is amazingggg! Congrats to this weeks top artists and thanks for continuing to blow us away with your musical talents!! 🙂

1. Emmit Fenn

At only 20 years old, Emmit has been playing music his entire life and has been classically trained, which you certainly hear throughout his track. He showcases his classical skills by including piano and violin but he keeps his individuality by keeping his music mainstream. Fenn does an excellent job at creating a beautiful composition.


Growing up with her mother, a Vietnamese pop star, music was the only thing Trace knew. However, she didn’t know she would follow in her mother’s footsteps. She dropped everything to put her entire life into music. In 2015, Trace debuted her first single “Heavy Shoulders.” Check out her music video here.

3. Midnight Mystery Club

Started in 2015 writing house music but then changed career paths to create his own music. Keep an eye out in November for an interview I did with Midnight Mystery Club!!

4. Jojee

From New York, Jojee is a future soul artist who makes you feel like you could do anything when you listen to her song “Think of Anything.” It starts off dark and slow but it gradually builds to a beautiful ending. So, don’t give up — keep going, you never know when the light will break through.


Based out of Cincinnati, this psych-jazz rock n roll band formed in the summer of 2015. After they released their first single, they began to gather some traction for their music. They decided to go travel the world and created an album called “Searching For Sweetness.” Take a sneak peak at the album here.

6. Mackenzie Thoms

“I want to share my experiences and be transparent to the world. With the highs and lows that I sincerely go through in this song, I just hope that people can relate and feel those moments and emotions with me.” Thoms first release was “Conviction” and after a positive support, he released “Do Me All Again.” Check out his awesome music video here.


After working with Luca Chesney, Ardency and Luca have created a beautiful and unique sound by using the voice of Luca to create such a  nostalgia movement. The duo had this to say about their track: “Prayers is a song we’ve been working on for quite some time; the song embodies a more reminiscent side of our music. So much love to Luca, her lyrics and vocal melodies are inspired and beautiful.”

8. Blackbear

Matthew Tyler Musto, professionally known as Blackbear, is well-known for his R&B-oriented rap and hip hop music. He recently debuted his Ep Cashmere Noose in August of 12.

9. Shelton Harris

As a 23 year old musician, Harris is pushing boundaries to create a new sound. He’s always on the look out for ways to create a new but original sound. Being from Seattle, Harris’ music has reached all over the world, such as in France and Australia. Keep an ear out for new music!

10. From Indian Lakes

An American-indie band based out of California, From Indian Lakes began in 2009. Joey Vannucchi writes, performs and produces all the music. Their most recent album, “Absent Sound” was released in October of 2014. Hopefully they have more music coming soon!!

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