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Top Artists on Hive // 15

So, this week I decided to do something a little different! I wrote a fun fact about each of the artists — hope you enjoy!

1. Witt Lowery 

If you liked his song “Numb” make sure to go add his song to your playlist! #TEAMWITT

2. When in Rome

Get ready!! He’s about to drop a new mix — go give him a follow on social media to be the first to hear it!!

3. Kyle Watson

So, fun fact I learned about Kyle — He was born in South Africa and has been doing so extremely well that he’s been become one of South Africa’s most successful internationally acclaimed dance music producers!! Pretty cool, right?

4. SonsOfMaria

I gotta a kick out their biography on SoundCloud — “Sons of Maria. We’re actually all Maria’s sons. Just in case you’re wondering.” All my questions have been answered! With over a million listeners, let’s continue to help them get their music out there!! All you have to do is share if you like!

5. Golden Coast 

Their song “Comeback Kid” is their second single release off their EP. And get excited because their EP set will be released in November! Let the countdown begin!

6. Black Coast 

If you liked his Kharfi remix, then you gotta check out his other remixes of “Sleep Alone.” Also, fun fact his song “Ride ft. M. Maggie” was featured on the CW TV show “The Originals.”

7. Terror Jr

So, first of all, it seems they have a slight obsession with grapes haha. Kid you not, go check out their Facebook page. Second of all, it’s a must that you check out their “Bop City” on SoundCloud.

8. Empia

If you’re digging his remixes, he’s got TONS of other music — he recently released his remix of “Let It Go.” Go check it out!!

9. slenderbodies

These two guys love to travel, which is a key factor in creating their awesome music — Check out their new vid for their song “Oasis.”

10. Break Complete 

As a DJ, he can create sick dance music on the spot — talk about talented!! Make sure to check out some of his other work!

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