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Top Artists on Hive // 16

Hey, guys!

Here is last week’s top artists… sorry for the delay! Hope you all enjoy 🙂

1. Rationale

To start, his voice is absolutely amazing; it’s unique and powerful. Once you hear his voice, I guarantee you’ll be hooked. Check out his official music video for his song “Fast Lane.”

2.  Mark Diamond

He has previously been on Top Artists on Hive // 14 and Top Artists on Hive // 11 — make sure to go check out his other music to spread the love! But those of you just tuning into the blog, the great thing about his music, is that it gives a sense of hope. I know I’ve posted this in earlier blogs but it’s just such an inspiring quote by Mark, “I want to give them a moment to quiet their busy minds, even if its just for a moment.”


This Australian duo, Jacob Pearson and Jonathan Bowden, create a unique indie band. Even though “Gemini” is on the darker side of their music, it’s a shake up compared to their other music. If you enjoyed listening to “Gemini,” make sure you go check out their other singles “Fools And Their Gold” and “Pieces.”

PLGRMS – Fools And Their Gold

4. Cape Cub

His music definitely hits all the feels. Chad Male has done an amazing job at creating a euphoric sound that can be listened by anyone. Check out his music video for his song “Closer” that was released earlier in the year.

Cape Cub – Closer


As a young artist, recently graduated High School, Tyne is pushing boundaries. She is proving that it doesn’t matter what age you are, if you work hard you can push through and get your true desires.


Being part of the Toronto rap scene, his song “Unpredictable” is the song that’ll keep you going. So, turn up the music and get dancing 😉 Make sure to check out his upcoming EP EMINENT:002A_0316.

VNCHY – Broke Dreams

7. Two Another

Even though there is minimal information out there about Two Another, there’s been a lot of great feedback from their song “Higher.” The song has elements of indie-soul with a sultry sound in the background. Hoping to hear more new music soon 🙂

8. Liam Back

Not only is Liam creating his own music, but is also publishing work for other artists, clients, and companies. He is a man of many talents — he creates music, design, and film.

Fun Fact: his track “Sushi & Wine” is featured in the new “Range Rover Sport” clip — check it out

9. Bronze Radio Return

An American band from Hartford, CT. The band consists of Chris Henderson, Patrick Fetkowitz, Robert Tanen, Matthew Warner, Robert Griffith, and Craig Struble. Each member grew up around music, which is where the name of their band comes in. Chris was inspired by an old radio he listened to in his father’s art studio – each member has been influenced by music and with that, they wanted to honor their childhood and have the return of the bronze radio.

Check out their Youtube Channel for some of their official music videos!

Bronze Radio Return – Light Me Up

10. RKCB

Such a great song — smooth, mellow and with beautiful vocals and melody. As of recent, RKCB and Opia are teaming up (Opia has been on previous top artists playlists). With a chill, sultry style coming from RKCB and edgier elements from Opia, they’ve created an exciting song “Awalys.”

Check out their music video for their song “Elevated”




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