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Top Artists on Hive // 17

Happy Thursday!! Here’s this week’s top artists — please share and follow artists on social media!

1. Miniature Tigers

The band started back in the mid-00’s when band members Charlie and Rick connected over Myspace because they shared the same love for the same bands; then they brought in Algernon and Brandon and that’s how the band started! Charlie Brand says “I wanted to make something like Weezer’s Blue Album — not exactly the album, but the feeling of listening to that album at age whatever. Something with that feeling that could connect with people.”

Check out their official music video of “Used To Be The Shit”

2. Tavi Castro

Check out his official music video for his song “Survive”

3. Tim Legend

I could only find a little bit of info on this artist but this little bit of info is HUGE. His song “Hope” has over 20,000,000 streams on Spotify, so you better go check out his song “Hope (feat. BRAVE)” 🙂

4. Savant

Check out his video he made “Get it Get it feat. Snoop Dogg”

5. Naaz

She is a singer/songwriter and producer from the Netherlands. She was recently featured in a song with The Yellow Claw Family — “Catch Me feat. Naaz.” Check out their music video:

6. Hippo Campus

An indie rock band from Minnesota (shoutout to my hometown!). The band members are Jake Luppen, Nathan Stocker, Zach Sutton, and Whistler Allen and they are signed both in the US and the UK (Grand Jury Records and Transgressive Records). They’ve gotten great opportunities to play on a much larger scale such as Lollapalooza and Conan. 

Check out their music video for their song “Violet”

7. Mark Diamond

He has previously been on Top Artists on Hive // 16,  Top Artists on Hive // 14 and Top Artists on Hive // 11 — make sure to go check out his other music to learn more about him!!

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