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Top Artists on Hive // 19

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂

1. Marian Hill

A duo from Philadelphia, artists Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol have created a one of a kind sound. After meeting each other in high school, they’ve been making music ever since. Their name Marian Hill comes from two characters in the musical The Music Man, Marian Paroo and Harold Hill. Check out their music video for their song “One Time”


2. Dale and ZDubs

Previously on our Top Artists 14! The band has been creating music since 2011 and they offer up a fresh rock/reggae tune. The band is very unique — each member brings something to the band. Check out our blog Top Artists 14 to learn more about them! Check out their official music video for their song “Incapable”


Well, to start, we both have the same obsession: pizza. lol. She became inspired to create her own music from her boyfriend and just taught herself. From there, her music took off! Check out some of her tops songs on her SoundCloud page.


FTRSL, known as FutureSoul, has been working on releasing music with BonFire Records. He debuted his EP “Heartbreak” worldwide last September. His music is electrifying, danceable, and unique — go check out his SoundCloud page to hear more of his music!!

5. Gramatik

Originally from Portorož, Slovenia, Denis began creating his music at age three. In 2008, he signed with an agency, and moved to New York City. As a hip hop and electronic producer, Denis has been busy creating studio albums, EPs, singles, and compilations. Go check out his music for a good listen 🙂

6. Mark Diamond

Seriously, if you haven’t already, you need to go check out his music. He’s been on Hive multiple times. So far, my favorite song by him has been “Silhouette” — Go. go. go!!

7. Chester Lockhart

From LA, Chester offers an alternative sound. Influenced by Amy Winehouse, Prince, David Bowie, Chester has released his new single “Kiss.” Available on all music stores — check him out!

8. Darrell Cole

Darrell has always had a passion for music – it’s been a constant factor throughout his life. After having a few bumps in the road, Cole has slowly picked up music again and trying to find the right channels to expose his music. So, let’s help him out and spread his work!

9. Matt Citron

From Atlanta, Matt Citron, has made a bold presence for himself in the Hip Hop world. But before music, his passion was playing basketball. He played throughout high school and college but it was in high school when Matt found rap. Since then, he’s been working hard to a name for himself. Check out his official music video for his song “Tabasco Flows”

10. Boilermakers

Matt Okine is an Australian comedian, actor, rapper and radio presenter. He does it all! He’s performed at festivals, acted in several film and TV projects — go check out his Facebook to listen to more of his work!

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